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Commercial Headshots are the Specialty of Gallery C!

I have been creating commercial headshots for clients for over 10 years. Previous clients include Miss Ohio, Mrs. Ohio, local political candidates, film actors, print models, singers, dancers, and magicians. My commercial headshots have appeared in magazines, books, billboards, newspapers, websites and print advertising.


dover ohio actor headshots

 Commercial Headshots and Portraits for Actors:

Commercial headshots for actors is the focus of Gallery C. For over a decade we have been serving actors across the state of Ohio. Our clients include both film and stage actors. Before your session, we will sit down and have a chat about your career and the types of characters and roles you prefer. Your headshots will be created in the style of the parts you most want to be considered for. Careful attention is paid to retouching, as you well know, casting directors can be particular and prefer that your images actually look like you. Rest assured that we will refine any blemishes while still retaining the natural texture of your skin. Actors desiring lithographs of their headshots will be assisted in obtaining those from an independent lithographic press.

This actor is Joe Bonamico, who has a lengthy stage career at an outdoor drama written by Paul Green, “Trumpet in the Land.” This drama is performed  in New Philadelphia, Ohio and draws actors from across the United States. Gallery C has been chosen repeatedly over the years by the cast members of Trumpet and Joe has been a long-time client. Joe has also written the script and acts in another outdoor drama “White Savage”. We are incredibly honored to create the commercial headshots for serious actors like Joe as part of their career enhancement and branding.

commercial headshots and portraits

Commercial Headshots and Portraits for Entertainers:

Entertainers are some of our favorite clients for headshots sessions. Sometimes more than headshots are needed for a certain projects.  The session that produced this full-length Public Relations (PR) image included a number of headshots for auditions as well as image for the cover of her CD “Think of Me” . This portrait was also published by the Professional Photographers of America in their 2011 edition of the Showcase book. This client is former Miss Ohio, Amanda Beagle, who went on to have a successful vocal career as both a cruise-line entertainer and recording artist. We love photographing clients on their various journeys and supplying them with excellent commercial headshots and portraits to help promote the various facets of their careers.





dover ohio musician headshots 01

 Commercial Headshots and Portraits for Musicians

This client was a drummer – this is a simple commercial portrait that leaves us no doubt as to what kind of instrument he plays. Dramatic black and white photography is also one of our specialties and we were delighted to create this during a commercial headshots & portraits session for Kyle. Gallery C aims to please and can accommodate most instruments for headshots and portrait sessions – we’ve even had a complete trap set here. Twice!

The headshots & portraits sessions for musicians are used for a variety of purposes. We’ve provided hundreds of 8×10 flyers and a number of posters and billboards for a number of bands. Of course, we also provide graphic services for those products, so that all of your needs can be met in-house. We can also do CMYK files for 4 color offset press work.


dover ohio commercial headshots 02

Public Relations/Media Headshots and Portraits for Pageant  Queens and Contestants

Gallery C has been the official photographer of the Miss Clayland Scholarship Program since 2009 and did the PR photography for Miss Ohio 2009, 2010, and 2011. Most contestants have special platforms/causes they support or further and creating special commercial headshots and portraits for these purposes is our specialty. Here is Miss Clayland 2015, Jenna DePizzo, with some special items to illustrate her literacy campaign. This is a great example of commercial images being used for advertising, with ample room allowed for text for promotional use. This was a special request by a special client and we made it happen!

When Jenna came for her headshots, she had a specific need for several. We centered her session around her requirements and came away with a lovely set of contestant/entrant headshots (no crown), PR headshots (with sash, crown and competition wardrobe) as well as a selection of 2/3 and full-length images. We designed several autograph cards and this print ad.

Gallery C also has a list of local makeup and hair artists who may be hired in to take care of your aesthetic needs – under Ohio law, a licensed cosmetologist must do any on-site hair or makeup work for our commercial headshots and portraits sessions.


commercial headshots dover ohio 03

Commercial Headshots and Portraits for Politicians:

We love doing commercial headshots for political candidates. Especially when the candidate wants headshots that are creative and fresh! Our client, John was running for local office but didn’t want your typical political candidate headshot. He wanted to show that he was a guy next door, a guy you could sit across from and have a friendly chat. I was thrilled to help John achieve the perfect commercial headshot for his needs! In addition to this main image, we also created a variety of headshots from casual to business, incorporating clothing with his business logo on it to be used for PR purposes.

We will customize your headshots and portraits session, just like John’s, so that the resulting portfolio is perfect for your needs! John even brought in his pet for a few takes!